School tours available on the first Wednesday of every month. Come along for a short talk from the Headteacher followed by a tour of the school. Book your place via the School Tours page. St Scholastica’s welcomes children of all faiths and none. You do not have to be a Catholic to attend our school.

Paplins (Pupil Chaplaincy)

 'Be an example for the believers in your love, speech, faith, conduct and purity.’
Timothy 4:12

Hello! We are the Paplins at St Scholastica’s Catholic Primary School This is an extremely important role and we are so proud to represent our school in its Catholic mission.  

To be a Paplin, you have to complete an application form and give it to Ms. Cousins. Ms. Cousins then selects who she thinks would do a good job and who would be a good role model around the school, based on the answers that are given. It’s a very serious job so it is important that the right pupils are chosen. 

We take it in turns, on a rota, to work with small groups of children across the school at lunch times. We lead them in prayer, share and discuss scripture with each other, tell stories and do activities such as prayer writing, drawing and drama. We try to help improve the religious knowledge of younger children within the school and spread the Word of the Lord, just as Jesus wanted. We plan and lead Collective Worship across the school marking specific days throughout the Liturgical year. 

We have lots of ideas on how to live out our faith and uphold our Catholic mission. We love to come up with ideas on how we can support our community, focusing on local, national and international charities, through fundraising and campaigning activities.   

We know that we are called to serve, as disciples of Jesus and this is why being Paplin is so special