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Year 4 - St Martin De Porres

Do you want to learn some mind-blowing facts about the Anglo-Saxons? Well just ask any year 4 child and they will be able in help you out.
“Everything, even sweeping, scraping vegetables, weeding a garden and waiting on the sick could be a prayer, if it were offered to God.”
St Martin De Porres


We change reading books every Tuesday. It is important that children bring their books and reading records every day to school. Teachers and support staff read these books with the children in the mornings and make comments in their reading journals regularly. Teachers will also move children to the next reading level when appropriate.


Maths and literacy homework are set on Education City every Tuesday. Children are given out passwords and logins at the start of the year.


Parental/ carer support:

The best way parents can help is by taking an interest in learning and progress. This can be achieved simply by asking children about their day, checking Class Dojo for updates and supporting children with their homework. It is also important that children get a good night’s sleep and that they come to school in full uniform with their reading record and books ready to learn.

We are committed to developing a good relationship with parents and feel communication is key to this. We have parents evening in the Autumn and Spring terms. A written report is ent home at the end of the Summer Term with an optional parents meeting should parents wish. If you want to speak to teachers about something briefly you can speak to them in the morning or evening at the door. If you wish to organise a meeting with the teacher, you can do so through the office.


How parents/carers can help with reading:

  • Listen to your child read every night for at least 15 minutes and record in reading record.         
  • Join and visit your local library regularly                                                                                                 
  • Read picture books to you child before bed to promote a love of reading.